Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH

The exhibition stand for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH: Measuring 12 x 15 meters, the island stand covers 180 square meters and its striking modern design drew admiring looks from large numbers of visitors to the Power-Gen Europe in Amsterdam.  Every exhibition has its own special challenges. With an overall height of about 7 meters, our employees who have a head for heights were in demand. Hanging up the continuous banners, which were over 20 square meters in area, demanded well-coordinated teamwork and muscle. Thanks to the long experience of our staff and the precise fit of all of the stand's elements, the construction of the booth went smoothly.
To maintain visual continuity with earlier fairs, we carried-over graphical and structural elements from the previous stand concept. Moreover, because Hall 1 is exposed to strong daylight from a glass facade, finding the most authentic lighting for the stand was a challenge that we, as stand builders, were happy to take on. To give the Mitsubishi stand the finishing touch. we attached modern accent lighting to the truss, which nicely emphasized the modernity of the stand's design. When an exhibition stand covers more than 100 square meters, you need to keep your orientation.
The friendly staff at the reception desk near the entrance were always on hand to help the international visitors. Important key-account representatives were entertained in two meeting rooms equipped with the media technology that is so important for B2B meetings today.
A long day at the trade fair will have anybody's tummy rumbling, so in the catering area, equipped with high tables and bar stools, guests could make themselves comfortable and enjoy a host of specialties.


Von Linda Minkus

Themen: Power Gen Europe, Amsterdam